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Occupational Wellness

You Are Not Alone

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What is Occupational Wellness?

  • Work consistent with your values and interests
  • A career that balances work, home and leisure
  • A job that is enriching, rewarding and expands our skills
  • A place of harmony and camaraderie
  • Work that adds to our all around health and well-being

Have you asked yourself, ‘Why am I doing this?’ Finding purpose transcends the mere act of earning. It
answers the question ‘Why”? We have to start with asking and maybe rediscovering what it would take
to make us happy and content in our job. If you are living your dream and finding peace in your
professional (and personal) life, you are at the top of the occupational wellness range. If not, let’s find a
solution together.


Work is not just about monetary gains but aligning our career path with personal beliefs, passions and principles. If this is not possible right now, if we have to work to pay bills and live in a safe home, then why not start envisioning a better future?  Someone who finds peace in their professional and personal life is living the dream. As long as we are dreaming of the perfect career, why not reach for the stars? 

A harmonious blend of professional and personal lives, complemented by a rewarding career trajectory, can amplify mental, emotional, and physical health.

The University of Nebraska Omaha defines occupational wellness as “the art of harmonizing professional and personal lives in a manner that promotes health, personal joy, and (for most) financial rewards. An individual who is living their dream and finds peace in their professional and personal plans is at the zenith of occupational wellness.” If you finish your workday without a feeling of accomplishment, hope and joy, let’s fix that.

Identifying Discrepancies in Occupational Wellness

The first step in fixing any problem is to zero in and what it is. Identifying discrepancies in our discontent  and moving towards change is how to fix it. Here are some indicators and insights:

  • Chronic Job Discontent: Not feeling fulfilled in whatever role you have?  Finding purpose in your role is vital as it directly impacts your mental wellness. Maybe you haven’t acknowledged or even identified your purpose. Here’s a checklist to think about…
  1. Name 5 things you care about most
  2. Put them in order of importance, 1 being the highest of importance
  3. List your strengths and talents
  4. Imagine what your ideal workday would look and feel like. You can do this by closing your eyes or writing down some points that come into your mind.
  5. Cultivate a habit of gratitude. Let the words ‘thank you’ seep into your mind first thing in the morning and last thing at night. At the end of every day, write down 5+ things you are grateful for. Looking it over you will be amazed at what gifts you either missed before or forgot about. 

Exhaustion: Exhaustion is a chronic state of physical and emotional fatigue and can severely impact health and wellness. Unless there’s underlying health reasons, exhaustion comes from doing too much. Begin to understand this and utilize it in your life. NO IS A COMPLETE SENTENCE!

  • Imbalance between Work and Personal Life: A balanced life ensures relaxation and personal growth, vital for overall health. When our days of working come to an end, it’s our family and friends who will be there for us. Decide which is more important and act on your decision.
  • Feeling Overlooked: We all desire to be wanted and needed. Often people don’t acknowledge us because they don’t know it’s something you value. Let them (work and personal) know that you would like to be acknowledged when you do something great.
  • Not  Enough:  Living from paycheck to paycheck and still coming up short is very stressful. Write down your ultimate dream job, find out what you would have to do to be doing it, picture it in your mind as you are falling asleep, keep photos of someone doing what you would like to do and put the list up on your wall. Remember, just because you are in a certain place today doesn’t mean you will be there tomorrow.  We’re here to take your hand and walk into your next vision.

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Ready to gain balance and growth in this dimension?

Let us match you with one of our vetted professionals.

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