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Who we Are

Connecting, Inspiring, and Empowering Wellness

We are a philanthropic company created to educate, inspire and empower wellness through the 8 Dimension model. We offer information, education, guidance, coaching and support via our online platform which is accessible worldwide.

We provide a safe space supported by vetted coaches and specialists who are trained to work within all the dimensions. Our platform offers help in a conventional, alternative, as well as holistic approach.

Our unbiased organization promotes education and services for your well-being, regardless of financial restrictions while guiding and encouraging you to reach your full potential.

Founder and Executive Director

Candilyn Baribault


A little about me…I am a successful business woman, mother, grandmother, and survivor of more than what I consider the average challenges in life. It is my past that has molded me into the strong person I am today, driven to help others in their current life struggles and to pass on what I’ve adopted as my truth to living a healthy, happy life.

I believe our life’s journey is not based on increasing monetary success, rather on increasing awareness – we are here to discover our deepest truths. I found that all the things I thought were wrong with me and my life challenges were merely the doorway to discovering my strengths and opportunities to grow. I won’t bore you with my stories, obstacles, loss of family members and times I spent in poverty. I’ve lived the highest highs and lowest lows of two failed and abusive marriages, and was nearly homeless while raising two boys to become good men. In truth, I embrace all of my life’s lessons. I’m grateful for the ups and downs in my journey and that I’ve been able to experience the darkest dark as well as the lightest light. One thing I discovered in the decades of parenting and trying to survive life was how important a safe environment was to myself and my children. It’s taken me years to truly understand what that actually means, and how to create it in the midst of havoc and worldly chaos. In 2022 my youngest adult son was diagnosed with a brain tumor, one of a mothers deepest fears manifested. During the time I spent caring for my son, I did a tremendous amount of research on healthy masculinity, vulnerability, and wellness.(Fortunately he is now healed). This is where I did a deep dive into searching for the true meaning in life…Instead I found myself, my strength. Wellness is not confined to one aspect of our lives. We think we know what causes our pain: the other person, my physical health, not enough money, bad memories from childhood. So we usually look no further. 8 Dimensions of Wellness taught me that happiness and fulfillment come from learning how all aspects of our lives are interconnected. This is the miraculous path that taught me how to experience holistic wellness, meaning healing in every part of my life. I invite you to walk with me on this magical journey so you too can experience happiness, peace and fulfillment in your life.

Advisory Board Members

Dr. Amy Johnson

I’m a coach, The Little School of Big Change teacher, social psychologist, mother, and the author of a few best selling self help books.

In my life, I experienced severe anxiety, panic attacks, and binge eating/bulimia for several years. I was told by many well-trained, well-intentioned professionals that these issues would likely be with me for life in one form or another. They could become manageable; I could learn to cope—but they weren’t the kind of things people just “got over”.

Thankfully, nothing could be further from the truth today.

Several years ago I came across a down-to-earth spiritual understanding of life that changed everything for me. It is the basis of everything I teach and write about. It is the foundation for how I help people end their own unwanted habits and unnecessary worries.

Dr. Jeremiah Krieger DACM

Dr Jeremiah Krieger has been a practitioner of Chinese medicine in Los Angeles for over 20 years. As well as being the first doctor of Chinese medicine hired by the Greater Los Angeles Veterans Administration, he maintains a thriving private practice. His work helping combat veterans suffering from severe PTSD has been featured on Fox News television, and he is one of the few doctors to successfully incorporate acupuncture into the US hospital emergency department system.

Dr Krieger is a professor of medicine at Emperor’s College, holds a masters degree in psychology, and has been published in JAIM. As a result of his dedicated efforts, he helped integrate Chinese medicine into premier medical centers such as Cedars Sinai, GLA VA, UCLA, the LA Free Clinic, and Cri-Help Rehab Center.

A frequent speaker on the benefits of Chinese medicine, Dr Krieger has presented for NAMI, Safe Harbor, Paramount Studios, and has been a guest on a variety of podcasts. He is passionate about eastern and western medicine, believing the best patient outcomes are achieved in partnership. Above all else, Dr Krieger emphasizes the importance of kindness in medical care.

Noushin Bayat, EdD

I work as a human capital consultant and trusted advisor to executives across a variety of industries. My passion is mental wellbeing and conscious leadership to drive human-centered organizational effectiveness and successful change management. Throughout my career, I’ve worked with executives at global organizations and also owners of local small businesses. What I notice across the board is the impact of our increasingly disruptive world on people’s understanding of their own strengths. Regardless of their role within an organization, there is an increase of self doubt, overwhelm and confusion which is leading to increasing experiences of mental illness and diminished capacity in facing the many challenges in our personal and professional lives. I leverage my understanding of neuroscience, systems science, psychology and business best practices to support my clients to come home to their unshakeable core of wellbeing and wisdom that genuinely enhances collaboration, empathy, confidence, creativity, agile decision-making and overall effectiveness.


Robert Kleinman, CPA

Robert has over 35 years of experience in financial leadership at banking, asset management and wealth firms and has been instrumental in building best in class accounting, finance, operation, risk, administration, and technology functions that delivered strong results. Throughout his career that encompassed working for various types, sizes, and complexities of business organizations requiring flexible resource models, he has been recognized for mentoring and counseling many team members towards overcoming both professional and personal challenges that inhibited their job performance. Robert has served as a trusted resource that assists colleagues with creating value added processes, pivoting into new opportunities, developing networking practices, and enhancing skills which are crucial to one’s career development.

As a practicing CPA, Robert has counseled and educated many clients on solving their financial and tax issues in eliminating their daily pressures and stresses toward building a strong path for financial freedom. He has been engaged to assist established clients on wealth preservation and retirement planning, first-time homebuyers seeking mortgages and financial assistance, young professionals in need of saving and investment plans, new business owners looking for budgets and financial planning, and single parents on understanding child tax credits and financing of school tuition.

Robert has a two Executive Certificates in Management and Leadership and Strategy and Innovation from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, an MBA in Finance from Pace University, Lubin School of Business, and BA in Accounting from Muhlenberg College.

Dr. Marcia J. Hootman

Marcia, a certified NLP coach, free-lance writer and long time non-denominational minister, also works as a professional musician. She graduated from USIU with an MA in Education and Human Behavior, later earning her PhD in Interpersonal Psychology from Columbia Pacific University. 

Marcia has written more than a dozen self-help books – from How to Forgive your Ex-Husband to I’d Rather be Rich – continues to write and advise people in all aspects of their lives, specializing in intergenerational conversations. An avid golfer and fitness enthusiast, the word she lives by every day is Gratitude. You can contact her at


Dror Amir

With over 25 years of expertise in crafting dynamic business strategies, Dror is a seasoned mentor, executive coach, and a three principles practitioner. Specializing in aligning businesses with the unique needs of 8DOW, he advises on establishing a robust foundation and fostering organic growth in digital presence and partnerships. Dror’s holistic approach integrates spiritual psychology principles and transformative content, delivering impactful solutions for a strong organizational core, partnerships, and process automation. His conscious business practices elevate corporate and individual productivity.


Connecting, Inspiring, and Empowering Wellness


We envision a future where boundaries in wellness education dissolve by inspiring the collective to thrive, not just survive in life. We will empower people by providing a support system of coaches and ambassadors of wellness. Our goal is to inspire and create 25,000 self advocates by 2025.


1. A Comprehensive Wellness Universe
In the vast world of health and wellness, 8 Dimensions plays a unique role, as we want to present and teach the eight intricate dimensions of wellness. We delve deeper than surface-level health, venturing into the realms of social, occupational, financial, environmental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual wellness. What we value most is to convey the knowledge that this isn’t a quick fix for a pain – it’s an expedition into wellness in every part of your life.

2. The Meeting of Tradition and Tomorrow
8 Dimensions isn’t merely a wellness platform; it’s where ancient wisdom meets tomorrow’s innovation. We can embrace time honored paths to sustaining health but we also want to open you to innovative healing practices with up to the minute methodologies. We celebrate what worked in the past but want to introduce the latest, up to date holistic methods as well. Knowing everything changes, we want to be sure that you, as an important part of our community is always a step ahead in this well-being journey.

3. Empowerment
At the core of 8 dimensions is the desire to empower you. We will provide you with all the latest knowledge, not only sharing the concept, but providing a roadmap and helping you to understand the why. Instead of you and us we look forward to being ‘we’. Our researchers, mentors, coaches and ambassadors are here for you.


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Ashin Virathu

Ashin Virathu


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8 Dimensions of Wellness Foundation is an Arizona nonprofit corporation exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code.
Federal Identification Number (EIN): 93-2081755

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What is a Change Coach?

Our coaches stand apart from others in the field because they are certified through a rigorous coaching program established by Dr. Amy Johnson. This specialized training ensures they bring a depth of expertise and understanding that enhances their ability to guide clients toward profound personal growth and transformation, covering the 8 dimensions of holistic development. They excel in helping people evolve and get unstuck by skillfully identifying and addressing the core of the issue.


Connecting, Inspiring, and Empowering Wellness


We envision a future where boundaries in wellness education dissolve by inspiring the collective to thrive, not just survive in life. We will empower people by providing a support system of coaches and ambassadors of wellness. Our goal is to inspire and create 25,000 self advocates by 2025.