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Unraveling the Secrets of Physical Wellness

Have you ever stopped to marvel at the intricate machine that is your body? Physical wellness is not just about dodging illnesses. It’s about embracing a holistic (all encompassing)  approach to health, from the food we eat to the level of physical activity to the amount of stress in our lives and much more.


Physical activity is like a magic potion. It may ward off ailments such as heart diseases, cancer, diabetes and more. Many people are told their condition is genetic. It’s easier to say “I can’t do anything about this,” but more fruitful to live a healthy lifestyle, physically and emotionally instead of surrendering to what most think of as inevitable. You have nothing to lose and may have everything to gain.

Moving your body is a natural mood lifter, releasing endorphins, hormones that make us happy. It is often called a runner’s high. Around the world, 1 in 4 adults aren’t active enough. This sedentary lifestyle is like a ticking time bomb, increasing the risk of early death. And with our world of technology so prevalent, we sit way too much.

Sitting is one of the worst non-activities of our day. Joints can cramp up, back may hurt, metabolism slows down. Nothing good comes from sitting for long periods of time. Even if you are at your laptop for hours everyday, consider getting a stand up desk or find a small table high enough so you can stand. There are many inexpensive solutions to keep us from sitting too much. 


The activity that suits you and that won’t have you thinking, “not this again” but something you can enjoy. Doesn’t matter if it is walking your dog everyday, swimming, playing tennis or pickleball, exercise classes, hiking, getting out on a golf course or playing other sports. Simply know it is not necessary to run a marathon or swim hours on end or play two rounds of 18 holes a day. The key is GET MOVING!


We all know people who live by 10,000 steps as a must do healthy number each day. In fact that number was invented for marketing a pedometer ahead of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. So no science, only marketing. The number you choose depends on age, physical shape, etc. Ask your physician how many daily steps would be best for you. Free online pedometers are available and many also include time and calories burned.

The rest of the picture

There’s more to physical health than simply moving around. In addition to moving around, stress can cause devastating results throughout your body. It’s important to know what is causing the stress, be willing to do something about it and talk to a professional, including your physician,  to find solutions to reducing what puts such a strain on your body.

Our body sends us signals – like a flashing light far in the distance. The amount of time it takes to acknowledge the flashing directly linked to our physical health.

Endless Exhaustion: Imagine waking up after a seemingly restful night, only to feel like you’ve just run a marathon. This isn’t about missing a few hours of sleep; it’s deeper. Could be an imbalance of hormones, sugar or caffeine late in the day, stress, worry. Whatever the cause, not being able to fall asleep, or stay asleep, or feeling exhausted after several hours of sleep  is the mind and  body saying, “Take better care of me.”

Recurring Health Setbacks: We all have days when we feel under the weather, but what if those cloudy days are endless? If so, it could be stress, nutrition or  lack of physical activity. There is a saying used by many specialist. The first warning of your body crying out ‘help’ is like being touched by a feather. If you don’t pay attention, you may get hit by a stick. If you continue to ignore symptoms you will eventually get hit by a 2×4. Which sign will you pay attention to?

Unrelenting Discomfort: Life’s journey comes with its share of bumps and bruises, especially after a day of adventure. We often ignore them. Some discomfort is temporary, some continue and get worse. We always have a choice. Get the condition checked out by a health professional (chiropractor, doctor, acupuncturist – your choice) or wait until the discomfort turns into incessant pain. We are always at choice in life.

Dietary Choices: Food, the nectar that fuels our daily odyssey, can affect our well-being more than anything else. And it is one of the two most important pillars of physical health – food and physical activity. While chicken nuggets cooked in grease then lathered with ranch dressing and a milkshake for dessert sounds good, it may not be the best choice for physical health. The more we choose healthy food choices, the more our body thanks us.

Blue Zone Living

Dan Buetner studied  places around the world where there are more centenarians than most other locales. In his book Blue Zones (now on Netflix) he lists why these people live so long. They eat healthy, have a high level of activity, eat vegetables, fruits and whole grains with very little meat and of course, no canned goods, and they socialize with each other in small groups. 

Physical wellness is like a scenic road trip. Sometimes, we might take a wrong turn, but with the right map, we can find our way back. 

Holistic or Western Medicine?

Most people run to the doctor when they are not feeling well. But more and more, people are turning to holistic remedies. One may think alternative health care is something new but Yoga, Accupuncture, meditation and more therapies  have been around for centuries. Chiropractic treatment began in the early 1900s. 

Western medicine is still the most popular choice – use of alternative therapies becoming more popular. And they are not new – Yoga, Acupuncture and Mediation have been around for centuries, Chiropractors since the early 1900s. But keep taking your scientifically proven meds until you check with your physician.


With the first breath of a newborn, we welcome them into our world. And the final breath of our ancestor signaled the end of this lifetime. Paying attention to our breath is paramount for good health. Notice if your breathing is shallow or deep. Practice deep breathing. Try breathing meditations, many of which are online. Incorporate paying attention to your breath a part of your physical wellness practice.

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Ready to gain balance and growth in this dimension?

Let us match you with one of our vetted professionals.

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