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Our mission here at 8 Dimensions Of Wellness is to provide you with the latest news, courses, webinars and products designed to enhance your journey to total wellbeing. In addition we can connect you with the best of the best coaches whose extensive training and specialized education can finally get you to your total wellness goals. You are able to reach out to a coach who focuses on whichever dimension of wellness you would like to find more balance in. And you’ll get to work with a proven and vetted professional who can provide you with a clear path to whatever goals you have – and beyond. You deserve the best of everything life has to offer. Reach out today and book up to a 30 minute free consultation.

Financial Wellness - Change Coaches

We currently don’t have a certified coach in this dimension. Check our Coaches Directory to find help in other dimensions, or register to our newsletter to be notified when a coach in this dimension becomes available.

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What is a Change Coach?

Our coaches stand apart from others in the field because they are certified through a rigorous coaching program established by Dr. Amy Johnson. This specialized training ensures they bring a depth of expertise and understanding that enhances their ability to guide clients toward profound personal growth and transformation, covering the 8 dimensions of holistic development. They excel in helping people evolve and get unstuck by skillfully identifying and addressing the core of the issue.


Connecting, Inspiring, and Empowering Wellness


We envision a future where boundaries in wellness education dissolve by inspiring the collective to thrive, not just survive in life. We will empower people by providing a support system of coaches and ambassadors of wellness. Our goal is to inspire and create 25,000 self advocates by 2025.