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Our World – Inside and Out

Influencing our Surroundings

Environmental wellness has a profound impact on our holistic well-being. We have a symbiotic relationship with our immediate surroundings, our global surrounding and how we take care of it – the spaces we occupy, how our personal world of relationships work, the communities we engage with and the intricate web of the global ecosystem. What happens outside affects us inside.

We’ve learned all the rules

. Cut down on trash so our landfills don’t overflow

. Recycle plastic bags and bottles so our marine life doesn’t ingest the harmful plastic

. Plant flowers and bushes to help our pollinators, which produce more food

. Donate to your favorite environmental causes

. Switch to a plant based diet


We work on being more at one with nature

. Spend more time outside

. Try a short, barefoot walk near a body of water

. Pick up other people’s trash should you see any

. Teach your children to enjoy and treasure the outdoors

We do the best we can. Unless you are an environmental activist, being perfect with all of the above can and will create more stress in your life. Do your best, realize you are always making an impact, and cherish nature whatever that means to you.

What about our immediate surroundings?

Nature is, of course, the macrocosm of the environment. It’s what we usually think of when we hear the word. But do we consider our immediate environment? Is it clean, pure, health giving? Our immediate environment, where we live and who we live with can also be toxic or healthy.

Physical Living Conditions

Our physical surroundings are part of the whole picture of wellness – physical, emotional, spiritual and environmental. 

If we are living in an unsafe environment, including neighborhood and condition of the property even minor adjustments often uplift our moods. If it is not feasible, economically, it’s important to make any change we feel will make the situation better. And in the meantime, maybe creating a wish list of wants and needs – a positive first step in change.

People we call friends

It is seldom the number of friends we have but the quality of the friendships. We are here on earth to support each other, not to criticize or demean each other. A friend is someone you can talk to about anything, without fear of being criticized or starting an argument. If your close, 

social connections are not uplifting, change them.

Immediate Family

Often it’s the people closest to us that may treat us in a negative way. They know we are family and trust we will always be there. If you are not getting the love and support from those around you most, ask for what you want. There’s nothing more surprising than when a person you’ve confided in says, “I never had a clue.” Don’t assume they know what serves you. Ask for what you want!  It may be scary but the result may be so much more than you envision. And living in a toxic environment creates stress in every part of our lives.


For some, routines are boring. For others, routine is a must have. Regardless what side is yours, ask yourself if it’s something you love to do.  If you are tired of getting up, going to work, coming home, checking social media, watching TV, then going to bed, change it up. Maybe you want to get up earlier and stop by a coffee shop for a treat. Perhaps you want to take a short walk after work to recharge your energy. Only you can decide what might work best for you.

Environmental wellness is of the utmost importance for all of us. It affects every other part of our path to total wellness. Commit to taking at least one small step today to move you towards the life you really want and the one you surely deserve.

How environmentally healthy are you?

  1. Do you look forward to coming home everyday?
  2. Are the people close to you loving and supportive?
  3. Do your friends allow you to be who you are?
  4. Is your physical home safe, inside and out?
  5. Are you okay with speaking up about your wants and needs?
  6. Do you take time for yourself everyday?

If you didn’t say ‘yes’ to all of these questions, you may want to consider doing something about your environmental health. We will take this walk with you.

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